Todd Swaggertyis the owner of Yellow Letter HQ, a company that specializes in direct mail marketing for real estate investors. Michael Singletary is the CEO of Skip Force, a business that provides investors with the latest telecommunications marketing data. Todd founded Yellow Letter HQ to help investors, both old and new, have the best direct mail marketing has to offer, while Michael’s company guarantees high-quality data at an affordable cost. 

Todd and Michael join me today to share how they’re continuing their businesses despite city-wide lockdowns. They discuss their experiences during the 2008 Crash and the lessons they learned about risk management. They explain how investors can still do business and convert leads through direct mail, cold-calling, and follow-ups. Todd and Michael also share tips for people who want to continue buying and selling from their homes.

“Follow-up has obviously been important in our business, but right now, it’s crucial.” – Michael Singletary 

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Todd’s career and his experience as an investor.
  • Who Michael is and what his company provides to customers.
  • What our business focus should be throughout this pandemic.
  • What you can do to help sellers get rid of their property during a lockdown.
  • Some of the changes they made to their call script.
  • What handwritten letters can do to increase your leads.
  • Being pragmatic vs being fundamental in this economy.
  • The changes they applied regarding their business criteria.
  • Todd’s and Michael’s tips to investors who want to push through during this time.

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