Sales is a constant part of our lives. Whenever you are trying to influence anyone in any way – you’re selling. It is an important part of our business and personal lives. When he first started in sales in his early 20s, John Martinez, admits that he wasn’t any good at it. He had gotten into the industry without really knowing what he wanted in life. Little did he know that his journey would later mold him to become a highly sought after sales consultant and trainer.

John is the owner of Midwest Revenue Group, LLC, through which he helps businesses in developing the right sales processes, while providing comprehensive training for sales professionals. In today’s show, he will be sharing sales tips on how to nurture leads and manage deal killers effectively.

“Every sales person sells a solution to peoples’ problems. We are problem solvers.”

On today’s episode of Flip Talk:

  • Many sales representatives concentrate too much on the close.
  • In real estate investing, sales is never about just buying a house. It’s about helping someone move into their dream home or providing a solution to that person’s problem.
  • Marketing is important, but you could lose ROI by not having a solid sale’s process to nurture the leads you get from it.
  • Whenever you are talking to leads, you need to consider that people are naturally hesitant and distrustful towards sales agents.
  • Open your inbound sales call by setting the right expectations, such as how long the conversation will take, what you will be talking about and the desired outcome at the end of your conversation.
  • Deal killers are anything or reason that stand in a way for a deal to happen.

John’s Tips for New Real Estate Investors:

  • Education without action is worthless. You need to develop the self-confidence to implement what you have learned. Just make sure that you’re taking some type of action daily.

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