Brent Moreno and Adam Justin Johnson are the people behind Wholesale Hackers, a real estate education platform that provides training services for skills critical to success. Some of their services include programs meant to boost your negotiating skills and webinars on how to best use Facebook to generate leads. Brent and Adam also run the Wholesale Hackers YouTube channel, where they upload videos on the various events they attend and host, as well as videos that serve as free tutorials for those new to real estate.

Brent and Adam join me today to discuss how their businesses manage to thrive amidst the lockdown period. They describe their partnership, their social media presence, and why investors shouldn’t give up on using Facebook for leads. They explain the importance of being in the middle of cash flow and cash on hand. Brent and Adam also share advice for those who want to pursue real estate as a full-time career.

“You’ve got to know your buyers. Call them, see if they’re still buying, where they’re buying, and the rate they’re buying at.” – Brent Moreno

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way Brent and Adam managed their businesses and teams.
  • Adam’s approach to real estate and how they managed to adjust fast when the pandemic began.
  • Why Facebook has become a lucrative lead generator.
  • How they underwrite properties they buy for more than they’re worth.
  • Cash flow, cash on hand, and how it is related to Monopoly.
  • The calculations and tools they use to compute for costs and transactions.
  • Their advice to those who do real estate as a hobby and to those who want to pursue it as a career.

Connect with Brent Moreno and Adam Justin Johnson:

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