While Adrian Nez is great when it comes to wholesaling and owning rental properties, he’s more at home with online lead generation, as he’s always shown fondness for the psychological aspect of marketing more than anything. He’s so good at it that he became popular for generating leads than closing deals. He credits this one particular investor whom he helped many years ago. He was literally just trying to teach him the ropes and didn’t really expect word of his services to spread like wildfire so he decided to build a career around it.

Adrian is now known as the “Rainmaker,” as his lead generation clients have leads pouring in all the time. He has perfected the art of inbound marketing by means of utilizing SEO and PPC campaigns and his services allow clients to nab leads without having to make a single cold call or even leave the comforts of their homes to make it happen.

Today, Adrian joins us in a special Fliptalk Podcast episode and shares his marketing wisdom when it comes to bringing both online and offline marketing together. He shares his thoughts on how innovations in mobile technology has changed the game forever and tips on how to write a good proposal that converts.

“It’s not about creating new leads; it’s about simply learning how to position yourself in front of your customer.” – Adrian Nez

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • You need a website to generate leads, but what type of website?
  • Smartphones have changed how businesses generate leads.
  • How do you separate yourself from a traditional realtor?
  • Addressing mental rejections.
  • Why using the best practice isn’t always the best way to attract leads.
  • What his golf coach taught him and how it helped him in his career.
  • What he usually does to take someone’s lead generation to the next level.
  • What makes a good message.
  • Why the plumbing industry is a great example of how you should advertise your business.

Adrian’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Most successes you’ll have are going to be things you experiment and test the most.
  • The biggest lesson is understanding your customer and a lot of it takes understanding psychology.
  • Everyone should know their market inside and out.
  • It’s not about you, but what you can provide to sellers.

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