Become a Master Negotiator with Marco and Hillary Romero

Marco and Hillary Romero are wholesale investors and own Hilco Homes, a Texas-based company with wholesalers and investors as members. They started focusing on real estate in 2015 as a means to generate more income for their growing family. Since both have investor experience due to being employed by a real estate company, it didn’t take long before they decided to start their own business. Marco and Hillary have since built an outstanding real estate portfolio, closing numerous transactions every month.

Marco and Hillary join me today to share their real estate story, how they met and why they decided to start their journey as entrepreneurs by building a wholesale real estate company. They share some of their best strategies in getting deals, scaling a business, and how to streamline daily tasks. They also explain how they attract private money, why you should hire a virtual assistant and the importance of setting goals and creating a plan to achieve your goals.

“Write out your goals and write a plan to actually achieve those goals.” – Marco Romero

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why they decided to start a real estate wholesale business.
  • Their strategies on elevating their business.
  • Their tips on raising private money.
  • Strategies for finding and closing deals?
  • Why they prefer presenting a price range instead of offering an exact price.
  • What is the “Three Times” technique?
  • What’s next for their company?
  • A deal they regret doing.

Maro and Hillary Romero’s Tips For Getting Into Real Estate Investing:

  • When you present a range, it shows there’s more conversation to be had. It also leaves room for negotiation.
  • Attracting investors is best done before tax pay; not after.
  • Don’t be afraid to pay for knowledge.
  • Follow up is key. With any lead, you have to get in touch with them numerous times to see where they’re at.


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