When I was rebuilding my business after the crash, I felt like a newbie all over again. There was a bit of hesitation with every lead and fear in every contract. But, just like a budding entrepreneur I did my due diligence and paired it up with the daily grind. It’s all about the grind when you’re starting and more if you’re restarting. What happens once you’re established? How do you view yourself and your business when the grind stops?

Today, my guest Douglas Schultz shares his backstory and his business practices and then proceed to ask me about how a leader’s mental state changes once the grind is over. I share my ideas about the podcast and what I have in store for my audience in the near future. I explain the importance of building relationships in real estate and why no business will grow on its own. I also provide some top-level tips for trimming your mailing list. 

“When you’re not doing the daily grind anymore, you start seeing your business differently.” – Don Costa

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Douglas’ journey into becoming an investor and the challenges he faced along the way.
  • His day-to-day life in and out of real estate.
  • The routine he practices to gain momentum.
  • Why he took so long to get back into real estate.
  • The direction the podcast will take in the future.
  • How relationships affect your business’ momentum and growth.
  • The subject that gets rarely talked about in real estate.
  • The information you can ask the government to help narrow down your mailing list.

Don’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Networking and relationships are what makes any business grow successfully.
  • Even in this wild market, there are bound to be safe deals. All you have to do is look harder.

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