Ron Legrand has been in the real estate industry since 1982, having personally experienced five market cycles. He is an investor, podcast host, author, and real estate coach who’s helped thousands of ordinary people find their financial freedom by investing in real estate. He has personally bought and sold over 2,500 homes and made millions off commercial real estate deals. He is considered the country’s leading expert on anything real estate and is dubbed the “Millionaire Maker.”  

Ron joins me today to share his wisdom and point of view on how even a complete stranger to real estate can succeed in the industry. He describes what his life was like before he became an investor, what drove him to try his hand in real estate, and why he initially made a lot of poor investments. Ron also discusses the market cycles he’s experienced and how he survived all of them, shares some of the more common mistakes new investors make and provide tips for those who are interested in this business.

“Learn the basics of buying real estate without using your money or credit, or you’re just not going get very far.” – Ron Legrand

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What sparked his interest in real estate.
  • The biggest problem most people have when getting into real estate.
  • What is the “Pretty House” business?
  • The difference technology has made in how he runs his company today.
  • Why 2008 was one of the worst market cycles.
  • The triggers in the market cycles he’s witnessed and what did he learn from them.
  • Why it’s a bad idea to guarantee debt.
  • Why his exit strategy involves lease options.
  • His tips for working on the phone.

Ron Legrand’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • “No money down” is a totally misunderstood phrase. It just means it’s not your money.
  • Always use attorneys to close everything.
  • When you have no exit strategy, you have no projects.
  • If you have no buyers in today’s market, you’ve done nothing to find them.
  • Latch on to somebody you trust to give you quality information and follow the fellow who follows their dream.

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